Who Makes Ironman Tires?

Ironman is a Hercules Tire division, which has concentrated on redefining value for 60 years in the tire industry. Combining cutting-edge technology and experience from the tire industry, Hercules manufactures tires with a healthy dose of old fashioned honesty, based on the needs of its customers for value and efficiency.

They also produce a complete line of tires, including all terrains, muds, sport trucks, road tires, and industrial tires for working and transportation trucks. The company has winter tires for minivans and cars with a three-peak mountain snowflake for severe winter use and an all-steel commercial truck tire.

Are ironman tires manufactured in China or the USA?

Ironman manufactures some of its tires in Findlay, Ohio, USA. However, as with other discount products, Ironman manufactures and sells most of its tires in China. China provides lower labour costs, helping Ironman keep prices down on its tires.

‘Made in China’ tires have been reputably inferior in recent years. Such tires have often suffered short-lived and abnormal failure complaints, which result in massive reminiscences.

In extreme cases, the producers were the targets of class action litigation, which accused them of negligence. The effect is that tires manufactured by China have become synonymous with bad tires.

Ironman, however, differs from competitors infamous for dismal tires. In China, the company will produce tires, but its American values remain. As many Asian tire brands do, it rarely cuts corners to save costs. This is why the brand’s tires have registered a few complaints since its inception.

Ironman also profits from its relationship with Cooper, the great American tire company. Especially among the buyers, despite China’s tires, it built a high degree of confidence.

With Cooper at their helm, buyers are confident they will get tires representing US innovation and quality values.

How iron tires differ from other brands

They are cheap

Ironman has the cheapest tires available on the market. The savings on touring pipes and smaller sizes are already high and even more significant when specific SUV-focused models are used for substantial sizes.

You will save about $600 on large sizes for a set of tires compared to premium suppliers. It isn’t a small number. However, most savings in the long-term would be limited – premium tires are certainly going to last longer.

Hercules Tires develop them.

There is no source of production for many cheap Chinese tires, which today roll along the lane. Besides, the tread patterns are almost similar, at least. Hercules certainly tried to make a difference here.

This is awesome because Hercules has research and development experience, which is essential for tire safety. Of course, Hercules doesn’t have the Michelin and Bridgestone muscles, but you get a developed tire for the price, at least.

They are comfortable and quiet.

Unlike other cheap tires, Ironman models are comfortable on rough surfaces and quiet at highway speed. They get louder, but still within reasonable limits, as they wear down.

Adequate for daily driving

For daily driving scenarios, most Ironman tires will be sufficient. They’re going to steer, pace, and stop the way they want, more specifically. Of course, provided you do not drive your car too hard inside the speed limits.

The tires of Ironman on the wet tarmac should also be passable. The handling should be good in everyday driving, and the braking distances should be short enough.


Ironman believes that you can never sacrifice quality at the price when it comes to tires. Brand tires provide the most common models and sizes today and give you more options regardless of your budget. And as part of Hercules, you can relax with the knowledge that you get the quality control and superior help that are highlights of Hercules’ name.

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